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Early Years 2016-17

Welcome to Early Years!

Our staff are :-

Miss Mellor (Teacher), Mrs Hurst (Nursery Nurse)  - Nursery 

Miss White (Teacher), Miss Wright (Teaching Assistant)  - Reception 1

Miss Johnson (Teacher), Miss Phillpotts (Teaching Assistant) - Reception 2 

Mrs Taylor - (Teacher) SENCo

Miss Wigzell - (Teaching Assistant/Welfare) Speech & Language 

We welcome you to our Early Years at St Luke's. Early Years covers both our Nursery and 2 Reception Classes. You can check your child's development by clicking on the link below. 




Nursery's Topics 


What we will be covering: -

  • We will be reading lots of transport stories - Big yellow digger, Choo choo clickety clack, Naughty bus, Roaring rocket .

  •     Image result for big yellow diggerImage result for naughty bus Image result for roaring rockets

  • We will be completing a car survey from our school gate.

  • We will be visiting the Science and Industry Museum. Image result for mosi museum manchester

  • We will be encouraging counting forwards and backwards to 20.

  • We will be playing in the water tray experiencing floating and sinking, mixing colours, making bubbles, boat-making and much more!


Winter/ Minibeast


What we will be covering: -



  • We have read the story ‘Lost and Found’ by Oliver Jeffers. This story tells a magical tale about a little boy and a penguin. The children thought about ‘friendship’ and how to be a good friend themselves. Image result for lost and found book

  • We looked at penguins in greater depth e.g. life cycle, size, types of penguin, what they eat and where they live.

  • We also looked at other Polar region animals.

  • We have worked very hard on recognising number and have encouraged our silly sayings to 10.



  • We have read lots of minibeast stories. Here are a few stories we enjoyed reading; Edward goes exploring, The old lady who swallowed a fly, Slug needs a hug and Superworm.

  • We read the story the Hungry caterpillar and looked at the life cycle of a caterpillar.

  • We also tried tasting the fruit from the story, which we enjoyed a lot!

  • For 5 weeks we enjoyed watching our own caterpillars change through the 4 stages of the life cycle. Once the caterpillars emerged into beautiful butterflies we let them free in our playground.

  • We have sorted animals into different categories e.g. minibeast, farm and sea animals.



What we will be covering: - 



  • We will be going on an Autumn walk to our local park.
  • We will focus on seasonal changes looking at the following story books: Image result for stick man#  Image result for leaf man 
  • We will be exploring numbers in many different ways, through the use of songs, maths resources and number hunts inside and out.



  • We will be looking at the Christmas story, to learn about the birth of Jesus.
  • We will also make lots of Christmas crafts including yummy treats!

  Image result for christmas story book

Reception's Topics



What we will be covering: -

Following the interests of lots of our children we introduced a topic of SUPERHEROES! All the children were thoroughly engaged with this topic.

  • We looked at different types of superheroes and their special powers. What special power would you want and why?

  • We made our own masks and other accessories

  • We read a very funny book called ‘Supertato’ which told the story of an evil pea that escapes in a supermarket until Supertato saves the day.

  • Following our story we did lots of writing about the story and the characters.

  • We created our own Supertato using a potato and different media.




What we will be covering: - 



  • Exploring how a building stays up.
  • We will look at different materials such as; bricks, straw and glass.
  • We will also look at the varying features of buildings such as; windows, doors and chimneys.
  • We will be reading the story of 'The Three Little Pigs' and various versions of the traditional tale.
  • Image result for 3 little pigs books



  • We will be looking at the Christmas story, to learn about the birth of Jesus.
  • We will also make lots of Christmas crafts including yummy treats!

  Image result for christmas story book


Special Visits 


Friday 4th November


Both reception classes enjoyed a trip to the Blue Planet Aquarium where we were able to consolidate our learning on sea animals. We have begun some follow up work in our English and Maths.


Image result for blue planet aquariumImage result for blue planet aquarium


Friday 28th April

The nursery children had the opportunity to visit Stockley Farm. We got to see lots of farm animals and their babies. We enjoyed feeding the baby kids bottles of milk, stroking the animals and going on a tractor ride!

Image result for stockley farm










4 children - Parent's Guide, What To Expect

Parents as Partners 

  • Read with your child daily 
  • Bring their reading folder to school EVERY day 
  • Support your child with their homework
  • Practice their phonics sounds regularly 
  • Become familiar with the High Frequency Words & Tricky Words 



Helpful Resources 

APPs for home 

  • Maths 3 to 5
  • Read with Biff Chip and Kipper 
  • Mister Maker 
  • C Beebies 
  • Alphablocks
  • Shape up
  • I can read 

JOLLY SONGS A-Z(from the big book JOLLY SONGS)

Learning letter sounds.

The Big Numbers Song

Learning to count to 100.

The Shapes Song

Learning 2D shapes