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Greg Smith

Mr Greg Smith – Parent Governor ( By Parent Election)

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Mr Smith signed the Agreed St Luke's Governors Code of Conduct on 16th October 2017, at the first Full Governors Meeting of the Academic Year.

Term of Office

3 years – 11/07/2017 → 10/07/2021

Position Held

Health and Safety Lead Governor


Committee Membership



Full Governing Board

Annual Policy Meeting

Finance/ Resources/ Premises/ Personnel Committee

Strategic Direction Committee

Pay Committee

Head Teacher Performance Management



Anything marked on Personal, Pecuniary or Business Interest?



Parent Volunteer for FoSL - Raising Funds for St Luke's

Who's in your family?

I’m married with four children


Why did you decided to be a Governor?

I wanted to try and be involved in working with the school my children attend and to help make a positive difference


Why at St Luke's CE?

It’s the best school around


Have you been or are you a governor anywhere else? (Do you have links with any other schools?)



What is the most rewarding thing about being a governor?

Seeing the school develop and change over the years and all the children that attend doing well


What have you learnt from being a governor you didn't know before?

How much work and time teachers put into school life especially the Head-teacher


What has been the most challenging thing you've being involved with?

Health and safety


What's the most important thing about education/school to you?

That the school gets the best out of every child that attends the school


What do/did you do as a career?

youth worker / driver


What do you do with your spare time?



What was your time at School like? What did you most enjoy/find hard?

I found it hard


What subject did you enjoy most at Primary school? (Why?)

sports because it was active


Who was your favourite teacher (why?)

I can’t remember her name


What's your favourite Colour? (Why?)

yellow and why its the best


What's your favourite film? (Why?)

starwars (all of them)

Important Documentation

Mr Smith confirmed that he has read the Department for Education "Keeping children Safe in Education - Part 1:Information for all school and college staff" (September 2016), and that he will use this information to guide him in his actions on behalf of the children of our school [October 2017].

Training Attended

Mr Smith attended 'The Role of the Governing Board in Safeguarding Course' held at school by the Local Authority on 6th November 2017.







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