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Mrs G Taylor

Mrs G Taylor – Staff Governor (by Staff Election)

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Term of Office

3 years – 21/10/2016

Position Held

Early Years Foundation Stage Lead Governor


Committee Membership



Full Governing Board

Annual Policy Meeting

Standards and Effectiveness Committee

Ethos and Values Committee

Anything marked on Personal, Pecuniary or Business Interest?


Who's in your family?

I have two children Archie (5 years old) and Hughie (2) and a Husband.


Why did you decided to be a Governor?

I wanted to support the school as a whole and this seems a great way to do it.


Why at St Luke's CE?

I work here


Have you been or are you a governor anywhere else? (Do you have links with any other schools?)

No (My mum was parent governor at my High school and loved it)


What is the most rewarding thing about being a governor?

Being part of a friendly and supportive team who value the staff and pupils.


What have you learnt from being a governor you didn't know before?

The various roles and responsibilities each governor undertakes it is a minefield!


What has been the most challenging thing you've being involved with?

Making the decisions for the long term future of the school ie. 2 form bulge classes and new building


What's the most important thing about education/school to you?

Trying to move with the government whilst maintaining the Ethos and family community of the school.


What do/did you do as a career?

I'm a teacher


What do you do with your spare time?

Juggle being a mum, wife and teacher! I enjoy reading and socialising especially it it involves cake! I've just taken up running and love it.


What was your time at School like? What did you most enjoy/find hard?

I loved primary school. I have such happy memories. I struggled to know who I was at High school it was challenging. I love drama and performance,


What subject did you enjoy most at Primary school? (Why?)

I remember enjoying all aspects of primary but my favourite memories are linked to sports, cross country, netball team, rounders. I also enjoyed being in school productions.


Who was your favourite teacher (why?)

Mrs Rae in Year 5, she was fun bubbly, kind and caring. She took time to listen but made things fin and interactive


What's your favourite Colour? (Why?)

I love red, being bold and bright. However I do enjoy calming greys and beiges.


What's your favourite film? (Why?)

Grease/Grease 2. I love a good sing song, I like to watch comical musical upbeat films.