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Mrs K Partridge

Mrs K Partridge – Head Teacher

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Term of Office



Committee Membership



Full Governing Board

Annual Policy Meeting

Finance/ Resources/ Premises/ Personnel Committee

Standards and Effectiveness Committee

Ethos and Values Committee

Strategic Direction Committee


Anything marked on Personal, Pecuniary or Business Interest?





Who's in your family?

two grown up daughters, and a beautiful granddaughter (and a husband!)


Why did you decided to be a Governor?

Its part of the Head Teachers Role to be on the Governing board.


Why at St Luke's CE?

It's where I am the Head Teacher


Have you been or are you a governor anywhere else? (Do you have links with any other schools?)



What is the most rewarding thing about being a governor?

Working with people who are passionate about the success of St Luke's


What have you learnt from being a governor you didn't know before?

Financial Rules and regulations


What has been the most challenging thing you've being involved with?

Grievance and disciplinary issues


What's the most important thing about education/school to you?

The SCMS development of the children and nurturing their emotional well-being


What do/did you do as a career?



What do you do with your spare time?

Running, gym, entertaining friends and granddaughter


What was your time at School like?

What did you most enjoy/find hard? Primary school was hard – being told I wouldn't make the grade – ie that I was not good enough to pass the 11 plus


What subject did you enjoy most at Primary school? (Why?)

English – writing “essays” as they were called. Recorder club – playing the treble.


Who was your favourite teacher (why?)

Mrs Martin she bought you a chocolate biscuit on your birthday.


What's your favourite Colour? (Why?)

Yellows/terracotta gives a feeling of warmth


What's your favourite film? (Why?)

“Gone with the Wind” full of history, a romance and Clark Gable!