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Michelle Newton

Mrs M Newton – Co-opted Governor – (appointed by the Board)

Mrs Newton signed the Agreed St Luke's Governors Code of Conduct on 16th October 2017, at the first Full Governors Meeting of the Academic Year.


Term of Office

3 years – 19/10/2015 → 18/10/2019

Position Held

SEN Lead Governor

Safeguarding Lead Governor

Health and Safety Lead Governor


Committee Membership



Full Governing Board

Annual Policy Meeting

Finance/ Resources/ Premises/ Personnel Committee

Strategic Direction Committee

Anything marked on Personal, Pecuniary or Business Interest?

Staff member

No other declarations


As a Co-opted Governor Mrs Newton was been given full voting rights when invited on to the board.
Who's in your family?

Two boys 17 and 14 – they share the same birthday!


Why did you decided to be a Governor?

As a member of staff I wanted to be more involved in the decisions made by the Governing body for the future of the school.


Why at St Luke's CE?

I have worked at St Lukes for 7 years and care very much for the school and all of its pupils, parents and staff


Have you been or are you a governor anywhere else?  (Do you have links with any other schools?)

I was not a governor but attended many other schools governor meetings as a minute officer for the LA


What is the most rewarding thing about being a governor?

Having a voice in helping with the decisions which influence the direction of the school

Bringing Mr Delves on board as our new head teacher has been another role that the Governors have done that has been extremely important to the stability and development of the school.


What have you learnt from being a governor you didn't know before?

How much the Head Teacher relies on the backing of governors regarding key decisions


What has been the most challenging thing you've being involved with?

The decisions surrounding the increase in PAN for the school over the last few years and ultimately the move to a new building.


What's the most important thing about education/school to you?

That every child is entitles to a great education no matter their background


What do/did you do as a career?

I am a school Business Manager


What do you do with your spare time?

I like to go to they gym and ride my bike (when the weather is good.) I like spending time with my family.


What was your time at School like?

What did you most enjoy/find hard? I went to Beech Street Primary in Winton then to Winton High School/Wentworth High School. I enjoyed school but had a problem in high school with bullying for a couple of years. I think I came through this a stronger person.


What subject did you enjoy most at Primary school? (Why?)

I really liked music through primary and high school. I played recorder, clarinet and piano.


Who was your favourite teacher (why?)

Mrs Welsh, My English Teacher at high school, she inspired me to take A-Level English and helped me build my confidence after I had problems with bullies


What's your favourite Colour? (Why?)

Blue, it is the colour of the sky and Manchester City!


What's your favourite film? (Why?)

I have a lot of favourites, I really like musicals and growing up Mary Poppins was my favourite. It was fun and I liked the cartoon section when the penguins danced




Important Documentation

Mrs Newton confirmed that she has read the Department for Education "Keeping children Safe in Education - Part 1:Information for all school and college staff" (September 2016), and that she will use this information to guide her in her actions on behalf of the children of our school [October 2017].

Training Attended

Mrs Newton attended 'The Role of the Governing Board in Safeguarding Course' held at school by the Local Authority on 6th November 2017.







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