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Nicky White

Mrs N White – Foundation Governor (PCC Appointment)

Mrs White signed the Agreed St Luke's Governors Code of Conduct on 16th October 2017, at the first Full Governors Meeting of the Academic Year.


Term of Office

3 years – 3 year – 16/07/2018 → 16/072021

Position Held

Young Carers lead Governor,

Looked after children Lead Governor

English Lead Governor


Committee Membership



Full Governing Board

Annual Policy Meeting

Standards and Effectiveness Committee

Strategic Direction Committee

Anything marked on Personal, Pecuniary or Business Interest?




Who's in your family?

I'm married with two young boys


Why did you decided to be a Governor?  Why at St Luke's CE?

I am a Foundation Governor and was keen for the links between St Luke's Church and School to remain strong


Have you been or are you a governor anywhere else? (Do you have links with any other schools?)


I have links to All Hallows & Monton Green Primary Schools


What is the most rewarding thing about being a governor?

Seeing what can be achieved by hardworking staff and pupils. It is fantastic to see the staff & children in the new building they so richly deserve.


What have you learnt from being a governor you didn't know before?

There's far more to running a school than just teaching and learning (unfortunately!)

From legal and financial issues to ever- changing Government diktats (not forgetting Japanese knotweed- which I never knew existed!)
I’ve learnt that as a group we can try to make the best decisions that satisfy what is legally required with the best interests of pupils, staff, parents and the community. It isn’t always easy but it’s extremely worthwhile.


What has been the most challenging thing you've being involved with?

Making sometimes conflicting decisions about what is best for both current and future pupils of St Luke's so that the most people in Salford will benefit.


What's the most important thing about education/school to you?

It's easy to get lost in paperwork, legalities and finance sometimes. It's important to remember that what really matters is the staff and pupils at St Luke's and the fantastic relationships they have


What do/did you do as a career?

I'm a teacher at All Hallows High School.


What do you do with your spare time?

For many years I was an active member of St Luke's Arts and Drama Society and hope to make a return to the stage after baby number 2 learns to sleep!


What subject did you enjoy most at Primary school? (Why?)

English (of course!). Reading is still one of my passions. I also loved to write stories.


Who was your favourite teacher (why?)

Lots of teachers inspired me to follow in their footsteps from Miss Williams and Mr McGarr at Tootal Drive Primary to Mr Howell, my English Teacher, at Hope High School.


What's your favourite Colour? (Why?)



What's your favourite film? (Why?)

Pulp Fiction (love Quentin Tarantino!)


Important Documentation

Mrs White confirmed that she has read the Department for Education "Keeping children Safe in Education - Part 1:Information for all school and college staff" (September 2016), and that she will use this information to guide her in her actions on behalf of the children of our school [October 2017].







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