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School Trip to Lowry Art Gallery

1R had a fantastic day out at the Lowry Art Gallery, where we got to see lots of Lowry's most famous paintings. We had so much fun learning all about the local artist and exploring his paintings of the matchstick people and factory buildings. 

Ask so see some of our drawings from the workshop. They're so good you might mistake them for Lowry's!


Maths - Money

We have enjoyed learning all about money and turning our role play area into the local charity shop. Playing the role of shop keeper and customer, we can practice buying and selling which is so fun! We have also found that knowing our 2, 5 and 10 times tables really helps when dealing with money! Make sure you don't miss some great deals down at 1R Charity Shop this term!



This half term, we have been reading the book 'Dogger' by Shirley Hughes.



Class 1R lost their much loved class teddy, Tommy Cat so to help find him we made and displayed missing posters around the school. Next, we went on a big search, asking different members of staff in the school if they had seen our missing Tommy Cat!  Thankfully, after much searching, we found him hiding out on Yellow Street. Later, 1R had lots of fun writing about our mission to find Tommy Cat and also our own experiences of losing our favourite toys. 

Science - Animals (carnivores, omnivores and herbivores)

In Science, we have been learning all about animals and what they eat; sorting the animals into Herbivore, Omnivore or Carnivore. We have been examining the skulls and teeth of different species and determining what they eat by these features. We have linked our learning with English, and written fantastic explanation texts all about foxes. Ask us what facts we know about foxes, and be prepared to be blown away by our incredible knowledge on these beautiful creatures!



 Topic - Map Drawing

In Topic, we have been looking at maps and features of maps. We have drawn our own maps of local parks and also of our classroom. Make sure you check the key we have made, or the symbols we've used might confuse you!

D&T - Making Paper Spinners

In Year 1, we have really enjoyed designing and making our own paper spinners.  First we made a prototype, and then we improved it to make a paper spinner that spins faster.  Our designs really get to show off! 







Awards we have recieved so far.