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St Luke's C of E Primary School

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Meet our Staff

Picture 1 Mr T Delves, Head Teacher
Picture 2 Mrs N Heslop, Deputy Head Teacher and SENCO
Picture 3 Mrs G Taylor, Deputy SENCO and Year 3 Teacher
Picture 4 Mrs M Newton, School Business Manager
Picture 5 Mrs R Pearson, School Clerk
Picture 6 Mrs J Lomas, Family Support Officer
Picture 7 Mrs T Whealing, Pastoral Support Officer
Picture 8 Mr J Corlett, Site Manager
Picture 9 Mrs A Slater, Year 6 Teacher & KS2 Co-ordinator
Picture 10 Mr J Porter, Year 5 Teacher
Picture 11 Miss N Ainsworth, Year 5 Teacher
Picture 12 Mrs L Bourke, Year 4 Teacher
Picture 13 Miss L Johnston, Year 4 Teacher
Picture 14 Mrs A Bedford, Year 3 Teacher
Picture 15 Mr I Baker, Year 3 Teacher
Picture 16 Miss S Campbell, Year 2 Teacher & KS1 Co-ordinator
Picture 17 Mrs R Donohue, Year 2 Teacher
Picture 18 Miss A White, Year 1 Teacher
Picture 19 Miss H Ryder, Year 1 Teacher
Picture 20 Miss M White, Reception Teacher & EYs Co-ordinator
Picture 21 Mrs L Houtram, Reception Teacher
Picture 22 Miss T Johnson, Reception Teacher
Picture 23 Miss R Mellor, Nursery Teacher
Picture 24 Mrs S Manson, PPA Teacher
Picture 25 Mrs L Boylan, HLTA
Picture 26 Mrs G Darlington, Teaching Assistant
Picture 27 Mrs L Chadwick, Teaching Assistant
Picture 28 Mrs T Wardle, Teaching Assistant
Picture 29 Miss A Roscoe, Teaching Assistant
Picture 30 Miss K Wright, Teaching Assistant
Picture 31 Mrs D Newton,Teaching Assistant
Picture 32 Miss M Feeley, Teaching Assistant
Picture 33 Miss L Brayshaw, HLTA
Picture 34 Miss T Phillpotts, Reception Teaching Assistant
Picture 35 Miss A Bukhat, Teaching Assistant
Picture 36 Mrs J Dunne, Reception Teaching Assistant
Picture 37 Mrs L Hurst, Nursery Nurse
Picture 38 Miss J Wigzell, SPAL Teaching Assistant
Picture 39 Mr N Marshall, P E Teacher