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School Ethos and Values

Ethos and Values


Our Mission Statement


Our mission statement is based on the values of empathy and respect for all, diversity, integrity, faith and being proud of who you are.


'Nurturing the individual as part of a caring and sharing community'


School Values


  • Our school is a place of friendship where we have lots in common as well as all sorts of interesting differences
  • In our school we can trust each other because we all try to treat one another the way we would like to be treated
  • Values do not stand alone- they are a golden thread throughout the school.
  • We have 5 school values - Thankfulness, Welcoming, Fellowship, Compassion and Friendship.
  • We are a Christian school in which all faiths are welcome.




School Aims


  • To deliver a broad and balanced curriculum to all abilities
    which introduces children to a wide range of skills, knowledge
    and understanding
  •  To enable children to maximise their potential and develop
    their self confidence and esteem
  • To create a secure, caring and supportive environment
    grounded in moral and spiritual development
  • To encourage respect and care for others whilst providing
    opportunities for children to display their talents


School Ethos


The inspiration for our school ethos is 'The Starfish Story' by Lauren Eisley.



British Values


Through our five core values, and our curriculum provision, including SMSC, we promote the fundamental British values of Democracy, Individual Liberty and Mutual Respect and Tolerance.