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Sports Premium


            Sport Premium 2018-19

Sport Premium 2017-18



Sport Premium Report 2017-18

We are delighted to have once again achieved the School Games 'Gold' Kitemark!

Sports Day 2018 - 6/7/18

Athletics Day - 8/6/18

Athletics Day Results and Records

Man Utd Community Cup Y2/3 Tournament 14-2-18

Extra-curricular clubs - Spring Term 2018










Y3/4/5/6 Sports & Multi-skills

Y1/2 Sports & Multi-skills

Y/5/6 Sportshall Athletics

Y3/4/5/6 Key Steps Gymnastics

Y1/2 Ball Games


After- school

Y3/4/5/6 Girls’ football

Y3/4 Basketball

Y5/6 Basketball

Y3/4/5/6 Table Tennis

Year 5/6 Boys football

Parent / Carer letter for extra-curricular clubs

Winners of the Quays cluster schools basketball tournament - 13/11/17

Our JP league football teams 2017-18

Extra-Curricular Clubs Autumn Term















Y3/4/5/6 Sports & Multi-skills

Y1/2 Sports & Multi-skills

Y3/4/5/6 Bocchia & Bell Football (Blindfold)

Y3/4/5/6 Key Steps Gymnastics 

Y3/4/5/6 Lacrosse







After school

Y4/5/6 Girls’ Football

Y3/4 Football

Y5/6 Basketball team (Trial)

Y1/2 Mini-soccer

Year 5/6 Boys’ football team (Trial)




PE & School Sport Report for 2015-16

Please view the above document for a comprehensive report on PE and school sport at St. Luke's for the academic year 2015-16, sport premium spending for the financial year 2015-16, kitemark evidence for 2015-16 and plans for 2016-17.
Please view the document above for a synopsis of sport premium and school funding impact 2015/16.

Inter-school Wrestling tournament 21/9/16

Inter-school Basketball tournament 3/10/16


Years 4, 5 and 6

Thursday 16th March 2017

St. Luke's Ninja Warrior 2017 - Winners

Year 4 girl- Beti

Year 4 boy- Adam

Year 5 girl- Ayuma

Year 5 boy- John

Year 6 girl- Olivia

Year 6 boy- Theo

School champion-  Jason 

Visit from Man City & England football player Lucy Bronze 27-3-17

Inter-schools climbing competition at Rockover Climbing Centre - 22/3/17

We came first and second KS2 girls, and second and third KS2 boys.

Well done team!

Dodgeball & Benchball B and C teams tournament vs Brentnall Primary 7-7-17

Before- and After School Clubs - Autumn Term 2016


Autumn 1



8 AM to 9 AM- S.A.M. club Year 5 & 6

3 PM to 4 PM- Girls' football Years 4,5,6


8 AM to 9 AM- S.A.M. club Year 3 & 4

3 PM to 4 PM- Gymnastics Years 4,5,6


8 AM to 9 AM- S.A.M. club Year 1 & 2

3 PM to 4 PM- Hockey Year 5 & 6


8 AM to 9 AM- Basketball Year 3 & 4

3 PM to 4 PM- Mini soccer Year 1 & 2


8 AM to 9 AM- Basketball Year 5 & 6

3 PM to 4 PM- Football Years 3 to 6



Autumn 2



8 AM to 9 AM- S.A.M. club Years 3,4,5,6

3 PM to 4 PM- Girls' football Years 4,5,6


8 AM to 9 AM- S.A.M. club Year 1 & 2

3 PM to 4 PM- Gymnastics for selected Key Steps team


8 AM to 9 AM- S.A.M. club Year 1 & 2

3 PM to 4 PM- Handball Year 3 & 4


8 AM to 9 AM- Basketball Years 3,4,5,6

3 PM to 4 PM- Mini soccer Year 1 & 2


8 AM to 9 AM- Sportshall athletics Years 4,5,6

3 PM to 4 PM- Football practise for JP league team



Mon AM- SAM club for Years 3,4,5,6

Mon PM- Girls' football for Years 4,5,6

Tues AM- SAM club for Years 1 & 2

Tues PM-

Key steps gymnastics (selected children) until 31/1/16

Tennis for Year 3 & 4 from 7/2/16

Weds AM- SAM club for Years 1 & 2

Weds PM- Golf for Years 4,5,6

Thurs AM- Basketball for Years 3,4,5,6

Thurs PM- Mini-soccer for Years 1 & 2

Fri AM- Sportshall athletics for Years 4,5,6

Fri PM- School football team practise




Extra-curricular Sports Clubs Summer 1 2017

Monday : 8.00 to 9.00

S.A.M. club : Years 3 to 6

Monday : 3.00 to 4.00

Girls’ Football : Years 4 to 6

Tuesday : 8.00 to 9.00

S.A.M. club : Years 1 & 2

Tuesday : 3.00 to 4.00

Table Tennis : Year 3 to 6

Wednesday : 8.00 to 9.00

World Sports : Years 3 to 6

Wednesday : 3.00 to 4.00

Football (for those not in school team) : Years 3 to 6

Thursday : 8.00 to 9.00

Basketball : Years 3 to 6

Thursday : 3.00 to 4.00

Mini-soccer : Years 1 & 2

Friday : 8.00 to 9.00

Dodgeball : Years 3 to 6

Friday 3.00 to 4.00

School team football practise


School Sport 2015-16

We are proud to have achieved Sainsbury's School Games Silver kitemark once again last academic year which is a reflection of our commitment to school sport.

We will continue working hard this year to develop school sport at St. Luke's and want to ensure that all children of all ages and abilities are provided with high-quality curricular P.E. and have the opportunity to take part in plenty of extra-curricular sport and activities.


Summer Term Sport Clubs


Breakfast SAM club for Years 5 and 6 - before school 8 till 9

Lunchtime Tournaments for Years 3 and 4 - lunchtime 12.30 till 1.15

Girls' football for Years 5 and 6 - after school 3 till 4


Breakfast SAM club for Years 3 and 4 - before school 8 till 9

Lunchtime Tournaments for Years 5 and 6 - lunchtime 12.15 till 1.00

No sport club after school due to 'Kidz Club' using school hall


Ultimate Frisbee for Years 5 & 6 - after school 3 till 4


Tennis for Years 3 and 4 - after school 3 till 4


Football for the school team - after school 3 till 4

School Sport Events 2015-16

Autumn Term

*Freddy Fit circuit training workshops for whole school - 13/9/15

*JP football league qualifying round - 17/9/15

*Inter-school Year 5 & 6 basketball competition - 30/9/15

*Archery workshop - 13/10/15

*JP football league games - 15/10/15

*'Jump Rope for Heart' fundraising event - 16/10/15

*Manchester United curriculum football sessions - Autumn 2

*'Challenge for Change' visit 1 - 10/11/15

*JP league football league games - 12/11/15

*Inter-school Year 3 & 4 handball competition - 19/11/15

*Wrestling workshops for Years 4,5 and 6 - 20/11/15

*Girls' football match vs. Lark Hill Primary - 8/12/15

Spring Term

*Freddy Fit circuit training workshops for whole school - 7/1/16

*Curriculum wrestling sessions for Years 3 and 4 begin 13/1/16

*'Challenge for Change' visit 2 - 15/1/16

*Sportshall Athletics inter-school tournament - 26/1/16

*Girls' football inter-school tournament - 10/2/16

*Key Steps Gymnastics Inter-School tournament - 29/2/16

*Lacrosse inter-school tournament - 4/3/16

Summer Term

*Lunchtime tournaments at lunchtimes re-commence (Mondays & Tuesdays) - 19/4/16

*Cricket sessions with guest coach begin - 20/4/16

*Freddy Fit circuit training workshops for whole school - 9/5/16

*Intra-school climbing competition - 16/5/16

*Final JP football league games - 19/5/16

*Forest Schools programme begins for Year 5 - 19/5/16

*'Challenge for Change' visit 3 - 20/5/16

*School Games Day - 27/5/16

*Climbing workshop at Rockover Climbing Centre - 7/6/16

*Girls' football tournament 1 - 7/6/15

*Juniors Sports Day - 10/6/15

*Girls' football tournament 2 - 14/6/15

*Inter-schools climbing competition - 15/6/15





PE Curriculum


Please click the links below to view our EYFS / KS1 and KS2 PE curriculums, revised for 2015/16 onwards.

Following an intra-school competition and extensive practise, we were proud to field an excellent Junior climbing team for this competition. They did incredibly well, winning 1st, 2nd and 3rd place at Key Stage 2 Boys and 2nd and 3rd place at Key Stage 2 Girls!! Amazing! Well done team!


Key Stage 2 Boys

1st - Dylan

2nd - Keanu

3rd - Christophe


Key Stage 2 Girls

2nd - Jayda

3rd - Charley


St. Luke's Warrior 27/5/16 - Results

Children had to complete an 'obstacle course' that tested different elements of athleticism- balance, strength, co-ordination, speed and agility. Time penalties were given if obstacles were failed. Older children were given 'handicaps' so that it was a level playing field for all competing. 

Year 4 winners-

Boys - John - 1m 2s

Girls - Caitlin - 1m 14s

Year 5 winners-

Boys - Jay 1m 6s

Girls - Olivia - 1m 8s

Year 6 winners-

Boys - Keanu - 1m 5s

Girls - Farrah - 1m 12s

Overall winners-

John 1m 2s

Olivia 1m 8s


Forest Schools program Summer term 2016

Intra-school climbing competition (leading to inter-school tournament) - w/b 23/5/16

'Challenge for Change' workshop - 13/11/15

Still image for this video
A group of children were taken to 'Challenge for Change' to work on developing their ability to work as a team, and build their self-confidence and self-esteem.

Competition Results

Please see our Twitter feed- @stlukesce_sport - for all competition results.


Archery workshop 27-10-15

  • Plans for 2015-16 Sport Premium-
  • Combining the sport premium with school funds to make a greater investment in extra-curricular and curricular sport on a sustainable year-on-year basis, working in close partnership with provider company 'PE & Sports Hub' to also develop school curriculum and improve assessment.
  • Teacher training in areas of weakness in new curriculum and to raise quality of teaching of P.E. overall.
  • Attain School Games 'Gold' kitemark by increasing participation in intra- and inter-school competitions, as well as achieving 2 hours curriculum-time PE.

Ballet workshop 23-9-15 (followed by a trip to watch 'Swan Lake' at The Lowry)

St. Luke's JP League team 2015-16

Our 'School Sport' noticeboard

Our intra-school competitions noticeboard







School Sport 2014-15

Autumn Term Sport Clubs



Basketball for Year 5 & 6 children - after school 3 till 4

Gymnastics for Year 4,5,6 children - after school 3 till 4


Football for Years 5 & 6 children - after school 3 till 4


Spring Term Sport Clubs



Gymnastics for Year 3,4,5 & 6 children - after school 3 till 4

Girls' football  for Year 5 & 6 girls - after school 3 till 4


Jolly Olly Soccer club for Year 1 & 2 children - after school 3 till 4


Dance club for Year 4,5 & 6 children - after school 3 till 4


'Start Active' club for Year 1 & 2 children - before school 8 till 9

'Play Active' multi-skills club for selected Juniors at lunch time

Football for Year 4, 5 & 6 children after school 3 till 4.15


Summer Term Sport Clubs


Tennis for Year 3 & 4 children - after school 3 till 4


Handball for Year 3 & 4 children - after school 3 till 4


Fencing for Year 5 & 6 children - after school 3 till 4


'Start Active' club for Year 1 & 2 children - before school 8 till 9

'Play Active' multi-skills club for selected Juniors at lunch time

Football for Year 4, 5 & 6 children after school 3 till 4.15






School Sport Events 2014-15

Autumn Term

*Freddy Fit circuit training workshops for whole school - 4/9/14

*Coach in to deliver Lacrosse for Year 5 & 6 - 10/9/14 onwards

*Playground Leaders training for Year 5 & 6 - 15/10/14

*Inter-schools basketball tournament - 23/10/14

*Zone Leaders reward afternoon - 12/12/14

Spring Term

*Freddy Fit fitness workshops for whole school- 6/1/15

*Sports for Schools whole school assembly - 19/1/15

*Inter-schools sportshall athletics tournament - 28/1/15

*Climbing workshop for selected KS2 children - 30/1/15

*Inter-schools gymnastics tournament - w/b 2/2/15

*Sports for Schools Olympic athelete visit & fundraising workshops - 3/2/15

*Manchester United coaching for Year 3 and 5 - 25/2/15 onwards

*Inter-schools girls' football tournament - 20/3/15

*Inter-schools climbing competition - 25/3/15

*Inter-schools tri-golf tournament - 27/3/15

Summer Term

*Early Years Sports Day - 20/5/15

*School Games Day for KS2 pupils - 21/5/15

*Inter-schools swimming gala - 15/6/15

*Year 3 & 4 tennis event - 17/6/15

*Salford School Run - 25/6/15 (our event for National Schools' Sport Week)

*Infants Sports Day - 25/6/15

*Juniors Sports Day - 26/6/15

*Inter-schools football tournament - 14/7/15

*Jump Rope for Hear fundraising event - tbc

We are proud to have won the Sainsbury's School Games silver kitemark last year which reflects our commitment to P.E., as well as intra- and inter-school competition.

Below are just some of the tournaments and events we have held or taken part in this year.

Cricket training with Alexis Newby from Lancashire County Cricket Club - June & July 2015


St. Luke's Sports Day 2015 - 19th June 2015



  • This was a great day with fantastic weather, well attended by parents and enjoyed by children and teachers alike- Irlam had won the last two sports days, but it was nice to see a new house win this year - Swinton!
  • See if you can find the pictures of the 'parents and children 3-legged race' and the 'mums versus dads tug o' war' in our slideshow!


Chill Factor-e 'Experience Day' - 16th June 2015

Children from Year 3 and 4 had an amazing day luging, sledging, climbing and skiing!

Sainsbury's School Games Day - 21st May 2015

  • This year's School Games Day featured mixed Year 3, 4, 5 and 6 teams competing against each other in rounders and handball competitions. 
  • The event was brilliantly run and officiated by our school P.E. council.
  • Can you find pictures of you and your friends in our slideshow?

Football Training with Manchester United - April & May 2015

Key Steps Gymnastics Competition - 10th February 2015

  • Some of our talented gymnasts took part in this competition against other schools and performed very well.
  • Click on the pictures to enlarge them.

Climbing Workshop - 30th January 2015

Our P.E. council members ran a climbing competition at our school during November 2014.

Children across the school were invited to try and get round our school climbing wall in the fastest possible times using different routes. Those who were successful in the first round went into a knockout stage the next day, with the winning ten going on to a climbing workshop day at Rockover Climbing Centre in January, which is where these pictures are from.

Our climbing team then went on to compete against other schools in a climbing tournament at Rockover in March...but we sadly forgot to take a camera!



Olympic Athlete Visit / Fundraising Event


On the 3rd February, we were lucky enough to be visited by Olympic and Commonwealth gymnast Hannah Whelan, who gave an inspiring assembly about her career and what life is like for a top-level athlete.

Hannah also helped us to run a fitness workshop which children were sponsored to take part in. Everyone exercised very hard and we managed to raise over a thousand pounds!

Some of the money went towards buying new P.E. equipment for the school and some of the money went towards helping athletes like Hannah with the costs of their travel and training.

Basketball Inter-School Tournament 23-10-14

On 23rd October, following training at an after-school club, we fielded a mixed boys and girls Year 5 / 6 basketball team for the local area inter-schools tourament. The team consisted of Christophe, Keanu, Serena, Dylan and Layton from Year 5 and  Tanika, Lauren, Shauna, Cory and Paolo from Year 6. They all played extremely well and we finished a respectable third. See pictures below.

Freddy Fit Circuit Training

We are trying to develop children's fitness and stamina and are using the Freddy Fit  circuit training program during curriculum time. The aim of this is to help children be able to sustain activity for longer periods of time and become fitter through an engaging, enjoyable and challenging program.

During September 2014 and January 2015, members of the Freddy Fit team joined us to introduce both children and teachers to 'the circuit'. Photos from the days can be seen below.



P.E. Council 2014-15


Helping me, Mr. Porter, run and organise sport events at school is our P.E. council which consists of responsible and mature pupils from Year 5 and 6 who have a keen interest in sport.

Among other things, they have helped to manage our 'Zone Leaders' playtime scheme in which older pupils manage break and lunchtime activities for other pupils. The council helped decide on which equipment should be purchased and then delivered a whole-school assembly detailing how the scheme will run, how children would be expected to behave during 'Zone Leaders' time and how the equipment should be used.

During February 2015, members of the P.E. council ran a climbing competition, using our climbing wall. The winners will be competing in an inter-schools climbing competition in March.

The members of the P.E. council are Serena, Demi and Kenzie from Year 5 and Lauren, Tyra and Corey from Year 6.




This year, Year 5 have been our 'Zone Leaders', children leading sport-themed games and activities at break and lunch times. They have done a fantastic job and some of the  particularly enthusiastic Zone Leaders have also helped the school P.E. council to run school sport events.

P.E. & School Sport Newsletter

With the help of the P.E. council, we produce a termly newsletter. Please click the links below to read the newsletters.


Sport Premium 2014-15


NB- It is a statutory requirement to publish details of the school's sport premium spending on our website. It is a government grant given to schools that is ring-fenced for PE and school sport that can be used to develop and improve it. However, parents and other interested parties may also want to know how the premium is used- please be aware that what is detailed below as sport premium spending is in addition to money that is already committed to school sport on an annual basis, prior to the introduction of the sport premium, and that spending on sport is supplemented from school funds, details of which are not given here.


The breakdown for how we spent this year's premium is as follows-

  • Total allocation £9015
  • £1015-  gymnastics equipment & training (to further develop gymnastics as a curriculum and extra-curricular sport, in combination with staff training which will be undertaken by teachers next academic year)
  • £1048 - various sport equipment (to develop our new circuit training initiative, to introduce lacrosse as a curriculum sport, to introduce hurdles as a curriculum activity / sports day event, to develop outdoor and adventurous activities, to encourage Early Years children to be more active / develop sport-related skills, along with various other equipment)
  • £780 - Freddie Fit workshops (to develop our new circuit training initiative) 
  • £300 - Lacrosse training with qualified coach (for Years 5 and 6, doubling as teacher training-see above re. lacrosse equipment)
  • £300 - Cricket coaching with qualified coach (for Years 5 & 6, doubling as teacher training)
  • £150 - Climbing competition (preparatory workshop plus participation in competition- see photos above)
  • £3000 - Coaches for extra-curricular clubs ('Start Active' before-school club, 'Play Active' lunchtime club and 2 weekly after-school sport clubs for Spring & Summer terms (this is in addition to what is already running)- the intention is to provide particular ASC sports on an annual basis, offering children the opportunity to develop their skills in non-curricular sports year-on-year)
  • Remaining balance to be rolled over into next year's 'pot' in order to fund spending on projects detailed below.


  • Plans for 2015-16 Premium-
  • More investment in extra-curricular and curricular sport on a sustainable basis, working in close partnership with provider company to also develop school curriculum and assessment.
  • Offer more 'experience days' (eg- 'Mucky Knees' outdoor and adventurous days completed by children last academic year or Chill Factor-e day; see pictures above from June this year).
  • Teacher training in areas of weakness in new curriculum and to raise quality of teaching overall (eg- gymnastics; mentioned above).












School Sport 2013-14

Sainsbury's School Games Day

On Thursday 19th June 2014, we held our Sainsbury's School Games Day. It was a great success and thoroughly enjoyed by both pupils and teachers. Please click on the link below to find out some of the results and star performers.

Below that you will find some pictures from the day. You will see that some of the older Juniors were organisers and officials for the day- they did a fantastic job!

Climbing Wall Competition Results


During Summer 1 2014, we held an inter-house climbing competition using the new climbing wall. Please click the link below to see the positions of the houses, both in school as a whole and in each year group. You can also see who were the top 3 fastest climbers, both boys and girls, in each year group.



Salford School Run

Year 3 and 4 participated in the Salford School Run on 27th March 2014. Children and parents were sponsored to run the 2 kilometre route at Salford City Stadium and money raised was donated to the family of an ex-pupil who is very poorly. Pupils raised over £600 in sponsorship!

School Sport 2013-14


  • We have taken part in a number of inter-school tournaments so far this year (alongside our regular tournaments and competitions held within our school)- our teams performed particularly well in May's Tri-Golf tournament, coming second and in June's swimming gala, coming second again! We have also had teams representing the school in Girls' Football, mixed football 'B' team and Key Steps Gymnastics tournaments.
  • We have been running an after-school SAM club for the Infants, to engage the less able / less active children and we have been running a G&T lunchtime club to help talented athletes boost their skills.


Sport Premium 2013-14


We were given a total of £8340 this year as a ring-fenced allocation for developing PE and school sport. We have used this funding to try and build on our current high-quality provision and we must stress that this money has been used in addition to existing funds that the school spends on sport. We have always prioritised PE and school sport at St. Luke's and the sport premium does not represent in any way the total spending on school sport which is a much larger sum.


  • Playground Climbing Wall- total cost=£6993, total amount subsidised from school budget- to increase engagement, skill development and participation for all children. As well as supervised use during break and lunch times, the wall will also be used as a springboard for school competitions, as  a reward for pupils trying hard in PE (or with social and emotional diffculties) and it offers the challenge of courses of increasing difficulty. It will also be used to link in with development of climbing as a school sport (see below).
  • Premier Sports multi-skills lunchtime club- £630- to increase engagement, skill development and participation for gifted and talented pupils (Autumn & Spring terms) and 'less active' children (Summer term). 
  • Freddie Fit exercise workshop- £380 plus £48 for booklets- to engage all children, in a fun and enjoyable way, with healthy lifestyles, a theme which will be developed further (see below). All Junior children were also provided with 'Freddy Fit' booklets to use / complete both at school and at home to further raise engagement.
  • Yoga equipment- £310- to facilitate the development of yoga in school. We have moved away from the Morning Move-It-style exercise at the start of the school day, and now practise yoga as part of a drive to increase co-ordination, muscle development, mindfulness and relaxation in the pupils.
  • Fencing Workshop- £300- to raise awareness of 'other' sports, besides the more traditional and well-known ones offered through the curriculum. This also links in with our aim to develop a 'focus after-school club' (see below) and our desire to develop children's access to 'other' sports such as climbing and snow boarding (see below).
  • Climbing & Outdoor Adventurous Trips-  £700- to offer an opportunity for children who have performed well on our climbing wall to have a go at 'proper climbing' and to offer our outstanding atheletes a chance to try and develop their sports skills in new and different ways.
  • New equipment / resources will be purchased with remaining funds from the 2013/14 premium.


More plans for further sport premium funding next year include-


  • Developing links with Rockover Climbing Centre in Manchester, to offer children the opportunity to take climbing as a sport at school. This links with our climbing wall which can be used to identify children that would benefit from a climbing program.
  • A 'focus sport' after-school club- an after-school club that will run all year, every year. It will consist of a sport that is not offered during curriculum time and offers pupils the opportunity to develop their skills in this sport year on year. We are currently trying to find suitable fencing coaches for this club as this is a sport we have offered successfully- and with much pupil enthusiasm- in the past.
  • 'Opportunity' days offering children the chance to participate in sports that are not part of the curriculum, such as snow boarding or horse riding.
  • The Freddie Fit exercise workshop will be followed-up with a further workshop for children, and some training for teachers at the start of the 2014/15 academic year that will raise the profile of daily exercise and general fitness within school.






Photos from our traversing wall 'grand opening' on 21st March 2014!







Awards we have recieved so far.