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Easter Craft day- 5A and 2D joined forces to create some easter treats. Both classes had a great day and worked well together to make some fabulous cakes.

Ian Bland Poetry Day- this week we had the pleasure of taking part in a whole school poetry day with the fabulous poet, Mr Ian Bland. We worked with Ian to write our own poems which we then performed to the whole school in the afternoon.

World Book Day- On world book day we had a Harry Potter themed day, where we wrote detailed descriptions of our own dragons, made dragons eyes and in the afternoon we rounded off the day by watching Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone.

Science- In science we have been looking at forces. This week 5A made and tested parachutes to find out all about air resistance.

Snow day- we took a little break from our learning today to enjoy the snowy weather!


Our overarching topic this term involves the study of the world's rainforests. 

We will be studying their geography- where they are in the world and why the jungle is like it is- along with looking at some of the animals that live in them, and the environmental damage that has occurred due to the destruction of areas of rainforest.

Get a headstart by watching these videos-

Virtual Field Trip - Amazon Rainforest

Rainforest for Kids - Biome Facts ,Layers,Animals,Flora

Year 8 - Rainforest Layers, Animals and Plants

Some good rainforest websites-

Christmas around the world- In RE we tried a range of foods from around the world which would be eaten at Christmas. We loved some of them and weren't too keen on others.







Awards we have recieved so far.